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Friday, May 28, 1999


Honored Citizen nominations due June 23

Nominations for Carlisle's twenty-fifth honored citizen award are being accepted by the celebrations committee. The deadline for nominations is Wednesday, June 23. Please fill out the coupon provided or send a letter to either Howard Hensleigh or Judy Larson.

The award will be presented at 9:30 a.m. on Old Home Day during a special ceremony by the flagpole. Previous recipients are:

1971 Esther S. Wilson

1973 Phyllis Towle and

Oscar Pederson

1974 Edmund L. French

1975 Waldo D. Wilson

1976 Oscar Pederson (posthumously)

1977 Andrew L. Brown

1978 Guy W. Clark and

Michelle Ann & Andrew P. Toth

1979 Ruth Wilkins

1980 Jay Fisk

1981 Calixte C. Adrian

1982 Edna S. Sleeper

1984 Lawrence N. Blanchard

1985 Mary G. Diment

1999 The Carlisle Mosquito