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Friday, May 28, 1999


Superintendent busy preparing for end of year and beginning of next

At the regular Carlisle School committee meeting on May 18, Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson listed the major events of the past month and updated them on upcoming events.

She informed the school committee that the Joint Committee from the Massachusetts Statehouse on Education, Arts, and Humanities will be holding a series of regional hearings to solicit testimony for the adoption of the Chapter 70 school finance formula. Representatives from the Carlisle Public School plan to attend at least one of the regional hearings. "We want to be sure they will continue to fund all current initiatives," said Fox-Melanson.

She also distributed a copy of the newly published school newsletter, "The School Listening Look." Started by first-grade teacher Jen Davis and systems mentor Alan Ticotsky, this is the school's own newspaper and provides a way to communicate ideas about social competency to the school community. It is hoped that the paper will encourage the sharing of ideas and thoughts involving the Open Circle, a social competency program run by the teachers in individual classrooms. The teachers are trained at Wellesley College on how to effectively implement the Circle program. The feedback and sharing of information about behavioral issues are crucial as one action results in consequences which in turn affect other actions. Games have been designed to simulate the cause and effect in behavior and academic learning.

Changes in MCAS

Fox- Melanson reported that she has received a letter from David Driscoll, Commissioner from the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Department of Education, concerning a proposal for several changes to the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS) tests beginning in the year 2000-2001. Some of the changes proposed would be to schedule the third grade reading tests in the fall replacing the grade 3 Iowa reading test, to add a new mathematics test in grade 6, and to redesign the grade 4 science and technology test and move it to grade 5. Other goals are to develop an aggressive and comprehensive plan to address early childhood literacy.

Nancy Orlando, chair of the Carlisle Youth Commission, sent a letter to the school committee thanking a number of students from the middle school for their participation in the Mosquito Trash Party. The students who cleaned the area around the transfer station are Jaclyn Anderson, Elizabeth Orlando, Kim Anderson, Jimmy Chapman, Mark Hassey, and Kevin Tarca.

Teacher changes

A leave of absence request has been received from physical education teacher Sally Watts and letters of resignation have been received from speech specialist Megan Idell and special education aide Stacey McEnaney.

Additional kindergarten section

The kindergarten pre-screening sessions have indicated that there will be approximately 95 students entering the Carlisle Public School for the calendar year 1999-2000, meaning there will be five sections next year. The administration plans to continue with the same format and schedule as the current academic year.

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