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Friday, May 28, 1999

Residents not to blame for latest glitch

To the Editor:

We write to clarify the status of the Ice Pond trail agreement, as reported in the May 21 Mosquito article concerning the May 13 ConsCom meeting.

At Town Meeting, Vivian Chaput, chairman of the board of selectmen, speaking on behalf of the selectmen and the trails committee, indicated that the issues pertaining to passage of the trail along Aberdeen Drive had been resolved by a survey and by the offer of Aberdeen Drive residents to help construct a boardwalk to cross a wet area. That settled the questions which, at last year's Town Meeting, had held up acceptance of the Ice Pond Road as a public way.

The questions that have now arisen pertain to a separate portion of the trails toward Great Brook Farm State Park over which the residents of Aberdeen Drive have no control and which is independent of the agreements that led to the Town's acquisition of the Aberdeen Drive easement.

The residents demonstrated great flexibility and cooperation in the year-long effort to resolve a difficult situation. There should be no doubt about their good faith. Nor should there be any doubt about the information presented to Town Meeting and the decision to accept Ice Pond Road.

Steve Tobin
Louise Hara
Carlisle Trails Committee members

Ballantine says thanks

To the Editor:

I would like to thank all the voters who took the time last Tuesday to vote. I was particularly pleased that I was re-elected to the board of selectmen. As always, Charlie Parker ran a strong campaign. I look forward to serving the town over the next three years.

I would also like to thank all the voters who supported the preservation of the Wang-Coombs land. As many of you know, I was actively involved in this purchase. Like many volunteer activities in Carlisle, the preservation of the Wang-Coombs land involved the concerted work of many volunteers. Over 60 people were actively involved, either contributing money, guaranteeing the deposit, calling citizens, handing out flyers, talking to neighbors and friends, or making presentations. We owe thanks to a long list of people.

Two people deserve special kudos. Wayne Davis, of the Carlisle Land Trust, bird-dogged the details of the guarantees, the appraisals, the limited development, the state agricultural grant, and everything else through the appropriate channels. Ann Ballantine, my wife, put together and coordinated the marketing brochures. She also kept the neighborhood organized with the help of hard-working groups.

We owe our thanks to all the volunteers that make life in Carlisle a little better.

John Ballantine
Fiske Street

Lineback thanks voters

To the Editor:

I would like to thank the citizens of Carlisle who voted for me as a write-in candidate for planning board. It was an interesting and rewarding experience to be a candidate. I have congratulated my opponent, Tom Lane. After spending several hours with him on the campaign front, I feel the town has a good planning board member in Tom.

I would like to comment on the article about Paul Cohen, former town manager. I felt he made some excellent points that I would hope all the town committees of Carlisle would adhere to: namely, communication amongst each other and also long-range planning. I would hope that the planning board and conservation commission could work together in the future to address affordable housing for Carlisle. We have bought more conservation land, but it is time to tackle the issue of affordable housing before the builders and the state do it for us in a way that may not be in Carlisle's best interest. Please consider this issue in your own 12-month agenda for Carlisle.

Thank you again for your support.

Linda Lineback
Fern Lane

Swim instructors needed

To the Editor:

The Carlisle Recreation Summer Programs are in need of high school seniors, college students or adults who can dedicate some of their time to teaching young children to swim. Water Safety Instructors are in short supply this year. If we can get a group together, we can arrange for training.

The summer swim program in Carlisle is run out of private pools with a Water Safety Instructor and a Water Safety Aide teaching three to five classes a morning, Monday through Friday, for a two-week session. Salary is $12/hour. There are three sessions as follows:

Session A: June 28 to July 9 (not July 5)

Session B: July 12 to July 23

Session C: July 26 to August 6

If you like working and relating with children and if you have some time to give, you can help keep this community program running. Please call 369-9815 and leave a message. Summer is right around the corner. Please help us out!

Cindy Nock
Canterbury Court

Tot-lot thank-you

To the Editor:

The Diment Park Toddler Playground Committee would like to extend our thanks to all who supported us at Town Meeting and voted yes on Question 1a. Seeing such support from the community was wonderful and the additional funding will ensure the successful completion of the tot-lot project.

Special thanks to Gary Davis and his DPW crew for the many hours of hard work to get the site ready for equipment. We are still seeking volunteers to help us with construction on Monday, June 7. Please contact Elissa at 287-4811 if you are interested.

Finally, we would like to invite everyone to our official ice cream party opening on Sunday, June 13, from 2 to 4 p.m. (rain or shine). At that time, the park will also be re-dedicated to Mary and Gordon Diment.

Thanks again to everyone! Your support has made this project a true community effort!

Sharyl Stropkay, chairperson
Toddler Playground Committee

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