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Friday, May 28, 1999


Movie review: The Critics and Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace

By this time you have all heard a million things about Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace. Every ten minutes you can see or hear something different about it, on every TV channel, in every newspaper, and on the cover of every magazine. You're probably sick of it because all these things have sucked the movie dry. Possibly you do not want to see the movie because of what so many reviewers have said about it. You just want to stay away, right? It's terrible they got you thinking that way. I want to say that the reviewers stink. See a movie because you think it looks good, not because of what someone else thinks of it.

What went on in reaction to the hype of the movie was ridiculous. People are so desperate to find absolutely anything bad about the movie, just so they can get some attention. The critics are also comparing it to the original Star Wars film, one of the greatest movies ever made. They were expecting this film to top it? I have a feeling nothing can top the original.

I saw Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace on opening day. I was so excited, I was shaking. Right off, I was scared the movie was going to be terrible because of all that I had read and heard about it. I could not keep myself away from the reviews because they were everywhere I turned. The bad feeling inside me due to what other people were saying practically ruined the experience entirely. I found myself analyzing anything that bothered me about the film. If I heard that something was annoying or badly done (even if it wasn't), I still thought it was unsatisfactory because it was implanted in my head. I became paranoid. Throughout the entire film, I was more worried about what everyone else thought about the film than if I was having a good time or not. It was torture; thanks for nothing, critics, you ruined a perfectly good time for me!

Now that that has been said, I can be hypercritical and give my review which is what the Mosquito asked me to do. Aside from everything else, I liked the movie a lot. It was a great addition to the other Star Wars films. It had amazing special effects, an interesting story, and great action sequences. In fact, the action sequences were so amazing that I believe they are the best I have ever seen on film in my whole life, and I have seen a lot of movies! The movie was slow in some points and one character made me feel a little uncomfortable (and no, it wasn't Jar Jar.) There was one alien creature that shook his head and spit. He did this about four times in the movie for no apparent reason. However, he was an alien, and aliens might do that, I don't really know. Now you're going to be looking for that in the movie too, aren't you?

I saw the movie with 17 of my friends and most of them thought it was the best of the Star Wars films. I was one of the only ones who disagreed. As we left the theater, everyone around me was pretending to have light saber duels. My friend Tim, if he keeps on practicing, could become a Jedi master. My friend Sungeeta saw her first Star Wars movie that day. She loved it; she didn't know how it compared to the others and was able to like Episode I as a movie and not as the one thing that her life has been leading up to. Also, my friend Sami saw it because of the costumes. She loved the queen's dresses and that, in itself, made it entertaining for her. It has something for everyone. The movie was very funny and engaging. Although it cannot possibly be better than the films of the first trilogy, it is still worth seeing again and again and again. Don't listen to me, though; watch anything that looks good to you.

Adam Deyoe is a sophomore at Concord-Carlisle High School and reviewed the previous three Star Wars films for the Mosquito when they appeared as Special Edition releases.

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