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Friday, May 28, 1999


Carlisle School will aim to offer French and Spanish

The foreign language committee, represented at the May 18 Carlisle School Committee meeting by parent Susan Probolus, was established by volunteers who asked to have input in the development of the foreign language department. Probolus elaborated that it is important to see how language is perceived by a community, and students need to learn that it is as important as the other disciplines in the curriculum.

The committee sent out a questionaire to families of all students and results from 48 returns indicated that 15 were in favor of a French curriculum and 28 were in favor of Spanish. In essence, with the hiring of one new full-time language teacher (the two part-time teachers are leaving) and one-half time teacher (because of the town vote on the override) a flexible program could be established such that both Spanish and French are introduced in the fifth grade. Instruction for languages would take the form of two half-hour classes a week. Then in the sixth grade, students would be able to concentrate on the language of choice.

Principal Andy Goyer said it is important to start languages at an early age. He will be looking for teachers who can teach both Spanish and French. However, details need to be worked out so that the scheduling of classes remains balanced and the quality of the curriculum is not diluted.

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