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Friday, May 21, 1999


On May 15, a perfect Saturday afternoon, families and friends streamed into the Concord Carlisle High School cafeteria to celebrate the Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunities, (METCO) program, that has enriched the lives of children from our communities for over thirty years. Kids headed outside to play with hula hoops and jump ropes, while inside, ...more

Carlisle's Senior Band (fifth- to eighth-grade students) returned on Sunday afternoon from a fabulous four-day trip to Disney World. Although each of the 82 band members has many memories from the experience, group highlights included an outdoor Magic Kingdom concert before a standing-room-only audience, and a three-hour workshop (in an actual recording studio) ...more

If you have not been to Cambridge's Mount Auburn Cemetery, you are missing a wonderland of plants, birds and material culture. This spring, before the blooms go, take at least a half hour and drive through. Even better, take a few hours for birding or just wandering among the plantings and monuments. The dogwoods and cherries, the rhododendrons, crabapples ...more

I had thought that the distinction between dog and human was much overdrawn. While others derived dogs from images of wolves running with the pack, I imaged nice Neanderthals snuggling with dogs while sharing the warmth of open fires. I reasoned that thousands of years living together made dogs and humans like some old couple who had grown to talk, think, ...more

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