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Friday, May 21, 1999


High school awards assembly highlights student accomplishments

Hundreds of students and their parents filled the Concord-Carlisle High School auditorium Monday, May 17 for the annual Awards Assembly.

One of this year's greatest achievements is Shevaun Mizrahi's becoming a Presidential Scholar in the Arts, one of only twenty young people in the nation so recognized and, in fact, the only photographer. She had submitted a portfolio of images she had made in Honduras while doing church-related relief work. Another factor that makes her accomplishment so extraordinary is that it immediately follows the one received by Chris Hossfeld last year for his music. The superior work of these two young people attests to the value of having quality art and music programs beginning at the elementary school level.

Among the most prestigious awards for juniors are the college book awards, given by thirteen colleges' alumni to juniors nominated by and voted on by the faculty. While the specific award descriptions vary they generally honor combined excellence in scholarship, extra-curriculars, leadership, service and character. Detailed descriptions of the awards are in the Awards and Scholarships Booklet available in the Principal's office. The Harvard Book Prize has traditionally been the top award for juniors because it is the first book prize and because of Harvard's special relationship with the town, including its having been located in Concord for a year during the American Revolution This year's winners were John Mead and Ana Ramos. Other book prize winners were as follows: Cynthia Der (Brown Book Award), Ian Crowther (Columbia College Book Award), Robin VanLoon (Connecticut College Book Award), Caroline Cardiasmenos (Dartmouth Book Award), Christina Campasano (Holy Cross Book Award), James Xenakis (Lehigh Club of Boston Book Award), Toquyen Bui (Mount Holyoke Club of Boston Book Award), Su-Yang Liu (University of Michigan Book Award), Katherine Boyle (University of Pennsylvania Award), Stephen Lamont (Skidmore Book Award), Amelia Sciani (Skidmore Book Award), Sarah Sherblom (Williams College Book Award) and Lauren Meldonian (Yale Book Award).

The Wells A. Hall Memorial Scholarship was given to Stephen Wells in honor of Superintendent of Schools Hall who helped establish the prominence of the Concord Public Schools during his thirty-one year superintendency. In addition to other qualities of excellence, the award recognizes the recipient's living "with due regard for the rights of others."

The junior Bausch and Lomb Honorary Science Award was presented to Ana Ramos for "performing to an outstanding degree in science." Patrick Toomey received the Thomas Dillon Physics Award for the most outstanding student in physics and the Joseph Regan Award for the most outstanding biology student. The Joseph P. O'Brien Memorial Chemistry Award for the best second year chemistry student went to Bryan Choi and Jonathan Supnik. The Rensselaer Alumni Award for "the junior who has done the best work in math and science throughout his/her high school program" was awarded to James Xenakis. The Colorado School of Mines Award for "strong ability and achievement in the fields of math and science" was awarded to junior John Mead. Junior Ana Ramos received the Earth Science Award for "showing the best mastery and understanding of earth science as it applies to other academic disciplines." Senior Jonathan Supnik finished third and junior John Mead finished twentieth in the Northeast in the American Chemical Society Avery Ashdown Chemistry Competition. The Armed Forces Communications and Electronics Association Fellowship Award for aptitude and scholarship in math, physics and/or computer science went to Patrick Toomey. Carlyn Saylor was awarded the Sophomore Math Award which acknowledges the most outstanding student in the sophomore mathematics program.

Daniel Ferguson was the recipient of the James A. Hayes Award for his demonstration of "extraordinary interest and excellence in social studies." Helen Stevens received the D.A.R. Book Award for showing "the greatest proficiency in the study of U.S. History." The National Association of Secondary School Principals award for outstanding leadership and involvement in the school went to Patrick Toomey. The Edward B. Caiger Award for "the senior who best exemplifies the traits of all-round ability, leadership, and scholarship" went to Daniel Ferguson. The Political Science Award for the young woman in the graduating class who has shown the greatest interest in the art of government went to Caroline Litwack. Junior Robin VanLoon was awarded the Xerox Award for "outstanding achievement in the humanities and/or social sciences." The Charles Hosmer Walcott Award to a senior who has written a paper on a historic subject related to the town was given to Jamie Wine. Senior Bryan Choi and junior Caroline Cardiasmenos made the Music Educators National Conference All Eastern. The Kathleen C. Healy Memorial C.C.Y.B. Scholarships were presented to the following senior baseball or softball players: Gabe Allen-Fahlander, Ashley Anderson, and Laura Woodward.

The Massachusetts Foreign Language Association (MaFLA) awards to the most outstanding students in advanced language courses went to Rachel Atwater-Rhodes (Chinese), Rachel Ropeik (French), Jonathan Supnik (Latin), and Rebecca Muse-Orlinoff (Spanish). The Spanish and French Medals went to Rebecca Muse-Orlinoff and Rachel Ropeik respectively. The Hispanic Achievement Award for the Hispanic student with the highest grade point and excellence in all subject areas went to Rocio Digon. The Mim Clark and John O'Connell Awards, given to the most outstanding students in physical education, went to Megan Moran-Gates and Erik Shaner.

The Paula Sirois Award was given to Cynthia Der for winning first place in the annual poetry competition. The Hawthorne Book Award was given to Nicholas Valvo for his "outstanding scholarship and special interest in and enthusiasm for the study of American Literature." Jessica Adhanom won the Susan Carlson Award which is given to the Alternative Program student who "has demonstrated to the highest degree the individual qualities which represent the goals of the program."

Laura Woodward's "outstanding commitment to community service" was rewarded with the Maureen Taggart Award. The Concord-Carlisle Community Chest Service Awards for students who have "demonstrated initiative and commitment to a volunteer project within the area of human services" went to Ann Jenkins, Karishma Patel, Ana Ramos, Ciji-Danielle Robinson, and Christopher Van Norden. The Eleanor Baldwin Fenn Award for outstanding community service and participation in the political process went to Rocio Digon. The Ann Geisinger Award for "outstanding commitment to community service" was given to Tiffany Dorch and Daniel Garrelick. The D.A.R. Good Citizen Award went to senior Stephanie Lombard for exemplifying "the qualities of leadership, dependability, service, and patriotism." Socheata Tauch won the Norma Hewey Uraneck Award for best exemplifying "the qualities of honesty, sincerity, dependability and concern for others" The Lions Club Awards went to Usha Narayana and Jamie Wine. The Marjorie Wheeler Award in memory of a long-term member of the Rotary Club, went to Julie Costa for outstanding community service. Gabe Allen-Fahlander and Jennie Granato were this year's winners of the Ralph L. "Larry" Lyons Memorial Award, sponsored by the Hudson National Bank, for seniors who have demonstrated "kindness, consideration, and concern for others." Johnette Ellis was presented the Barbara Ramsey Award for her "commitment to public service with special attention to service."

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