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Friday, May 21, 1999


Another alternative technology septic approved

At the May 12 meeting, the board of health approved an innovative alternative (IA) septic system, this time for a new dwelling at 7 Hillside Drive. Engineer Scott Hayes presented the board with a design using a Fixed Activated Sludge System (F.A.S.T.) which reduces nitrogen loading of the system by a blower arrangement and accelerates biological processes.

The Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) requires that for any IA system, there must also be a design for a conventional system which meets all of the Title 5 requirements. Hayes demonstrated that there was a workable Title 5 plan, but this plan would be more costly and less aesthetically pleasing than the IA system.

The board gave its approval with the condition that Hayes verify the location of a nearby well.

White house system

The 1795 house at 44 Bedford Road formerly owned by Gloria White was also discussed. When Jonathan White built his house next door to his mother's, the lot was subdivided, leaving the existing system for the 44 Bedford Road property on Jon White's property. The new owner proposes to install a new septic system under what is currently the driveway for the house and to abandon the driveway and tear down the garage in back of the house.

The proposed septic field has a marginal perc rate of 36 inches per hour instead of the required 30 so the system will be enlarged to accommodate the low perc rate. Also, a "no garbage grinder" waiver as well as some other waivers will be required, but no approval was granted because no formal plans were submitted. The public hearing will continue at the next board meeting.

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