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Friday, May 21, 1999


Voters approve Wang-Coombs and all questions

In a time of unprecedented economic growth, 1,035 voters at Tuesday's town election were once again willing to open their wallets to fund $3,082,062, passing all Proposition 2-1/2 ballot questions. The largest ticket item, to bond the $2.15 million Wang-Coombs conservation land, clearly passed, 726 to 300, but there was something for everyone on the ballot. All three levels of the operating budget pyramid passed; the highest level, including funds for a recreation director and the tot lot playground, prevailed with a vote fo 539 to 469. Although supplemental funding for all departments was included, the Carlisle School had the largest at stake, with $143,009 in the general override as well as $153,700 in Question 5 to bond school repairs. With more than a 2:1 margin, voters also agreed that the town should bond a shiny, new $304,000 pumper truck and deposit $100,000 in the conservation fund. It should be noted that just one month ago, on April 13, voters had also approved the Gleason Library expansion which will add $1,489,067 to the debt load.

Residents must also be happy with the way town affairs are being managed as the two incumbent selectmen, John Ballantine and Vivian Chaput, will return to office, although challenger finance committee chair Charlie Parker garnered a significant number of votes. The race for planning board seats became interesting last week when two write-in candidates emerged. Louise Hara, whose name was printed on the ballot, clearly won one seat with 790 votes, while write-in candidate Tom Lane just squeaked past Linda Lineback with 187 votes to 146.

According to workers at the polls, the typical early morning line failed to form indicating a possible low voter turnout but action picked up about 3:30 p.m. and voters, particularly families with young children, continued to stream in until the polls closed at 8 p.m. Approximately one-third of the 2,980 registered voters voiced their opinions on a ballot filled with choices to shape Carlisle's future.

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