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Friday, May 21, 1999

On May 15, a perfect Saturday afternoon, families and friends streamed into the Concord Carlisle High School cafeteria to celebrate the Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunities, (METCO) program, that has enriched the lives of children from our communities for over thirty years. Kids headed outside to play with hula hoops and jump ropes, while inside, ...more

In a time of unprecedented economic growth, 1,035 voters at Tuesday's town election were once again willing to open their wallets to fund $3,082,062, passing all Proposition 2-1/2 ballot questions. The largest ticket item, to bond the $2.15 million Wang-Coombs conservation land, clearly passed, 726 to 300, but there was something for everyone on the ballot. ...more

Former town administrator Paul Cohen appeared in Union Hall on May 13 at the request of Carlisle Communications, Inc., the parent organization of the Mosquito, to address the annual meeting and share his insight into the challenges that small towns face. The group of over 30 heard some interesting suggestions for the management of town affairs as well as very ...more

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