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Friday, May 21, 1999


Senior Band: A Magical Trip to Disney World

Carlisle's Senior Band (fifth- to eighth-grade students) returned on Sunday afternoon from a fabulous four-day trip to Disney World. Although each of the 82 band members has many memories from the experience, group highlights included an outdoor Magic Kingdom concert before a standing-room-only audience, and a three-hour workshop (in an actual recording studio) with the Walt Disney music production staff, which culminated in a sound track recording of portions of Alladin.

Naturally, a trip of this magnitude and complexity could not have been possible without a tremendous amount of planning and organization and, for that, all band members, staff, and parents, should give a "tip o'the hat" to Karen Morse for her virtually flawless organizational and operational skills. It also didn't hurt that the 12 chaperones, Ron Meldonian, Stephanie Smith, Burt Rubenstein, Kathy Phillippo, Linda Clark, Jeff Brown, Abby Jeffers, Cindy Nock, Dave Mayall, Ron Schneebaum, Mary Cheever, and Margie Zuk, provided an unmatched support system as well as a sensitivity to the needs of the students that could not have been better.

Lastly, I would like to express my appreciation to school staff members for their flexibility and understanding and to the school administration, Davida Fox-Melanson, Andy Goyer, Eileen Riley and David Flannery for their ongoing support. Thanks also to the Carlisle School Committee for giving us their support to proceed with initial trip plans started over a year ago.

The Carlisle community should be proud of these young people. They conducted themselves at a high level of social and musical maturity at all times, and were ultimately the best kind of ambassadors for their school and their community.

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