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Friday, May 14, 1999


Two write-in candidates step forward

Note to Voters: To vote for a write-in candidate, the name and the address must be written on the ballot, accompanied by an "'X' next to the name.

Linda Lineback write-in for planning board five-year term

To the Editor:

I would like to declare my write-in candidacy for a vacant planning board seat. I have lived in Carlisle almost 23 years and feel the need to make a positive contribution to this committee and the community. I know the character of this town and the need to preserve it for future generations. We must continue to provide good schools, but we must also look at the many citizens who have made Carlisle what it is today. Their needs must be met as well. I believe we can achieve simultaneous goals of conservation land, schools, senior citizen housing and low income housing without sacrificing any specific group of citizens. The interest of our citizens must come first.

I have served the town in the past as a member of the youth commission. I currently am employed at Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard School of Public Health as a cancer research nurse. I also hold an MBA from Suffolk University. I believe my long work and family history as well as my education will make me a very viable candidate for the planning board. I would appreciate your vote on election day by writing in my name and address and marking an "X" in the box. I thank you for your support. We live in an incredible town, let's keep it that way.

Thomas Lane write-in for planning board five-year term

To the Editor:

In a small town like Carlisle, the town government cannot function unless residents step forward to volunteer their time. This year there are two openings on the planning board, but only one candidate appears on the ballot. I appreciate the work others have done in the town, and now I would like to do my share, I am offering my services as a write-in candidate.

My wife and I moved into Carlisle from Arlington several years ago. We were attracted by the rural character of the town, and we would like to help insure future development preserves that character. I believe I can work well with the other members of the board. I bring some experience as a former trustee for a condominium association and as a planning committee member for a professional society, but mostly I bring a willingness to put in the time required.

Please consider writing "Thomas P. Lane, 128 Bingham Road" as one of your votes for the planning board. Remember whatever name you write in, your vote will not count unless you also mark an X next to the name. I would appreciate your support.

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