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Friday, May 14, 1999

National Merit Finalists

Rachel Atwater Rhodes, Bryan Choi, Daniel Ferguson, Noah Miller, Jonathan Supnik and Patrick Toomey have been named National Merit Finalists for 1999. These seniors are among a group representing less than one percent of U.S. high school graduating seniors. They have achieved this exceptional honor based on their PSAT scores and their high school academic records, and are now being considered for a National Merit Scholarship. Announcements of scholarship winners will be made later in May.

Carlisle student is in bold type.

· David G. Woodbury, Jr., of Lowell Street, as his senior project at Concord-Carlisle High School Class of 1997, designed a family home on the coast of Maine using a piece of land owned by his family. He worked under the guidance of his project advisor, Mr. Agney. The project was given to local contractor James Welch, who broke ground in the fall of 1998, and has been building the house using Woodbury design plans and blueprints, exclusively. This house on Nubble Road in York Beach, Maine is due to be completed in mid-May.

Woodbury is in his second year of study at Drexel University as a civil engineering major in the honor's program and is planning to enroll in the five-year BS/MS dual degree program when he becomes eligible. He recently finished his first eight-month co-op experience working on the "Big Dig" in Boston as a civil engineer intern for Kiewit-Atkinson-Cashman, Inc.'s South Boston Interchange/ World Trade Center Station project.

· Calling all college and prep school graduates. Send us your graduation information and post graduation plans. Photos are welcome.

The Mosquito will publish a graduation issue sometime in June.

· Mari Jo Alberico, of Timothy Lane, competed at the USRGCA Rhythmic Gymnastics Classics in Tampa, Florida on May 1. This was the National Meet for Level 6 and Alberico placed 2nd on ribbon, 3rd on ball, 4th on floor and 9th on rope, which earned her 6th place in the all-around. This was Alberico's first year as a competitive rhythmic gymnast.

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