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Friday, May 7, 1999


I come from a long line of cooks who tell lies and keep secrets. Learning the craft and skill of cooking at one's mother's knee has limitsmother holds back a few gems to maintain her place at the pinnacle of the kitchen power structure. The kitchen was her kingdom. Its rule was the only power allowed her and her sisters. Grandma lied too, as did dad. ...more

As of May 1, all seniors had to make a final decision about where to attend school next fall. Many people I meet on the street ask about how our seniors did. ...more

Students in the CCHS Art Department will display their work in anexciting new way on Wednesday, May 12 from 7 to 8:30 p.m. at the high school.CCHS is unable to have its Annual Art Exhibition at the Concord ArtAssociation. As a result, the Art and Technology Festival will begin with a reception in the high school cafeteria, followed by a screening in one of ...more

We moved here to 81 Craigie Circle in 1962 as soon as the house was built and before they built the other house beyond us and before the sand pit on Peter Hans Road became house lots and eventually houses. The back of our property is outlined by Pages Brook which spreads itself toward us as beautiful wetlandsthe source of wide and varied wildlife. ...more

Today, Carlisle boasts one dental office in its center and several residents who practice dentistry or medicine in surrounding communities. These modern healthcare professionals follow in the tradition of an important nineteenth century Carlislean, Dr. Austin Marsh. Dr. Marsh had the distinction of serving the town of Carlisle as physician for over sixty years, ...more

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