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Friday, May 7, 1999


Quotable quotes from Town Meeting from Tuesday night

I've been told this procedure smacks of the 19th century. I've been moderator for a long time, but it hasn't been that long. We're going into the 21st century now.

[Referring to voting by line item on appropriations in Article 4]

This is like drafting a bylaw in open Town Meeting; it's lots of fun.

[Struggling with Article 4]

The town clerk says she has to believe the selectmen. But I don't.

[Article 4 questions]

If the school continues to grow at 5% per year, we'd be out of space in 5 years.

[During the municipal land committee report]

As far as a recreation director, we see the need. And you plainly see the need for a finance director for the town.

Do we have a motion to elect a user-fee investigation committee?

[Referring to a question about school user fees and revolving funds]

I believe we have a lot of low-cost houses; they're just taxed at high prices.

[On affordable housing]

We can do it in a way that is reasonable....Let's get our collective heads out of the sand."

[On affordable housing motion]

I've disallowed the amendment, and I happen to be the final authority on that.

[On deleting the Conant Land as the only site for the affordable housing study]

I appreciate both your absolute power and infinite wisdom.

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