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Friday, May 7, 1999


ConsCom and DPW formulate team approach to road repairs

The Carlisle Conservation Commission took full advantage of a routine visit by department of public works superintendent Gary Davis to initiate a modest program of environmental remediation. Fulfilling a state requirement to give the commission a list of Chapter 90 roadways scheduled for resurfacing this season, Davis found the April 22 session quickly expanded to include a discussion of wetland issues. Specifically, the board was anxious to consider steps that might be taken by the DPW to check roadway sedimentation from being deposited into major wetlands.

Raising an issue she had articulated in the past, commissioner Tricia Smith indicated particular concern about locations where a road comes close to the wetlands or where it crosses a stream. "While you're in the process of resurfacing, I think we have an opportunity to do some fairly inexpensive remediation," she noted. As an example, Smith cited the area where Russell Street crosses Spencer Brook and the water runs with some force, particularly in the spring. "I'd be glad to cooperate," was Davis's immediate response.

After poring over a large map of the town, the conferees agreed that the commission should supply a detailed map with vulnerable features marked and forward it to Davis for approval. Then, whenever areas are scheduled for paving or other work, commission recommendations will be included in the project.

The DPW repaving list for this season includes the following roads: Blaisdell Drive, Carlisle Pines Drive, East Street, Ember Lane, Evergreen Lane, Forest Park Drive, Hillside Drive, Meadowbrook Road, Old North Road, Orchard Acres Drive, Partridge Lane and Woodbine Road.

Buckthorn still at Towle Field

Commissioners were pleased with the improved condition of Towle Field, but still frustrated by the pesky and immortal buckthorn. Contradictory anecdotes as to the efficacy of frequent mowing and plant-wiping with Roundup were predictably indecisive. In any case, the use of a herbicide cannot be contemplated until the early fall departure of Towle's cherished bobolinks, bluebirds and indigo buntings.

In answer to public inquiries about the orange-flagged stakes on the field, commissioner John Lee indicated that they were established by the mowing contractor to mark hazardous rocks. It was suggested that a more aesthetic solution, such as birdhouses or crossbar perches, might be substituted.

Notices of Intent

The board considered a Notice of Intent (NOI) to build a pool, walkway and patio with grading that impinged on the 100-foot wetland buffer zone at the Bedford Road home of Paul Brennan. Presentations by engineer Jody Minkle and pool company representative Lawn Kylie convinced the board to approve the construction.

Equally successful was a request from Chris Fielding to amend an existing NOI to allow changes in house size and location at a lot on West Street. Determining that the changes posed no added risk to the wetlands, the commissioners issued the amended order.

A request for determination as to whether or not a project would require filing of a NOI was decided in the affirmative. The presence of an intermittent stream and a frog pond on his Nowell Farme Road property caused the board to inform owner Robert Hall that detailed wetland delineation would be necessary.

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