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Friday, May 7, 1999

Crowther running for school committee

To the Editor:

At the urging of friends and neighbors, I've become a candidate for the school committee. This is my background:

My wife and I have lived in Massachusetts since 1970 when I was assigned to Fort Devens where I taught computer electronics for three years. I was then employed at DEC for almost 20 years, writing information systems software for various operations within the corporation during its great expansion. We came to Carlisle in 1978 and are raising two children heremy son is a CCHS junior and my daughter is a Carlisle sixth grader.

As a child in western New York, I attended a small-town K-6 primary school and regional middle and high schools, so I have early and current experience with the special qualities and unusual logistics of small-town education.

I'm a graduate in physics from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, with a minor in literature, and an abiding interest in science and math. I have been a volunteer in the school and town libraries for most of this decade. Also, circumstances give me time to devote to school committee work.

I know that we have a great school system and will do my part to keep it that way. I'm especially concerned about rejuvenating our school library, hiring a qualified librarian and establishing closer relations with the public library. But of course we must chiefly preserve the extraordinary quality we now have in our school. In the hope that I can apply my experience and interest, I ask for your vote on May 18.

Harry Crowther
Bedford Road

Endorses Chaput, Ballantine

To the Editor:

This letter is to affirm my endorsement of Vivian Chaput and John Ballantine for reelection to the Carlisle Board of Selectmen. Their backgrounds of previous service to our town provide them with a base of knowledge which will continue to be a significant resource to the board.

Vivian is a veteran of ten years on the planning board and was a principal in the development of Carlisle Village Court (apartments for seniors in the town center). She is completing her first term on the board of selectmen including filling the position of chairperson this last year.

John has served terms on Carlisle's Finance Committee, Housing Authority, and Personnel Committee. He is completing his first term as a Carlisle Selectman.

Together Vivian and John possess a diversity of experience which will be of major value to the board over the next three years. I believe that Vivian's planning board experience and John's knowledge of the issues relative to moderate income housing will be of particular importance.

I am pleased to support their reelection to the board.

Harold S. Sauer
Westford Street

Thanks from the Minutemen

To the Editor:

On behalf of the Carlisle Minutemen, I would like to thank everyone who participated in this year's Patriots Day celebration. This year 20 Minutemen and over 200 townspeople made the Estabrook Trail walk to Concord. The beautiful weather and good company made this one of the best turnouts ever.

Special thanks go to the Leissner family for their generosity and hospitality. The Leissners once again set out donuts, coffee and cider at the end of their driveway for all marchers who passed by during the march.

Also, thanks to Phyllis Hughes for donating the pen & ink drawing of the Minutemen. A good number of people entered their names for the drawing. The winner, picked later that day by Phyllis, was Gertrud Behn of Carlisle.

Once again, thanks to all who participated.

Scott Evans
captain, Carlisle Minutemen

FinCom explains decisions

To the Editor.

The finance committee members have come under a greater amount of fire than normal this year. The budget process has been unusually hectic, complicated and frustrating. The finance committee members understand this job is very demanding of their time, intellect and energy. That is balanced by the opportunity to serve the town in a meaningful way.

All the changes, corrections, redrafts have created constant pressure and have forced some decisions to be made in undesirable circumstances. That said, the FinCom is an appointed board, which advises the selectmen on financial matters. Members usually have some financial background or training. We make recommendations on the proposed spending planswe cannot and do not put articles on the Warrant, nor can we remove them. We only advise.

The town has many attractive opportunities to continue improving our community. We believe, however, that the town's and citizens' resources are not limitless. Therefore, choices have to be made each year at town Meeting and the ballot box, as part of a democratic process.

FinCom reviews all spending proposals and advises the selectmen on the relative merits of the various plans, both individually and as part of overall spending. Recent FinCom votes on the serial bonding and Wang-Coombs deserve further explanation. They were discussed in light of the entire town budget, three tiers of proposed override, the general override, the library, the impact of bonding short-term borrowings carrying interest only, Warrant Articles and debt exclusions that all impact the tax rate. Property tax rate can increase from $15.62 to approximately $17.09, a 9.4 % increase.

This was too much for one year and we voted against recommending Wang-Coombs. The vote on serial bonding was a tie, so FinCom could not recommend at all on this proposal. We felt we could not support both proposals and were unwilling to support one over the other in the forms presented to us.

Subsequently, FinCom learned that certain financial commitments had been made to private citizens who had put up $250,000 as a deposit on Wang-Coombs. The preference of the committee had been to amend the serial bonding proposal and recommend it. However, in light of this commitment, the choice of which to support was reluctantly shifted to Wang-Coombs.

The cost of growth is a very complex issue. It is not accurate to simply say that more growth means higher tax rates. We strongly urge citizens to consider these issues very carefully and to vote in the election. This sends a clear signal to all town officials, both elected and appointed.

The Carlisle Finance Committee
Charles E. Parker III, Chair
R. Anthony Allison
Thomas J. Bilotta
Felix J. Conti
Simon D. Platt
Nina F. Ostrom
Linda T. Zinke

Thanks from library trustees

To the Editor:

The Gleason Public Library Trustees wish to thank all of you who came by for a last walk through the old building before the renovation process gets underway. As a result of your generosity, the silent auction raised $1,270 for the town of Carlisle. We look forward to the opening of the library's temporary quarters at the Carlisle Institute on May 10.

Gleason Public Library Trustees
Rosalie Johnson, chair
Teresa Kvietkauskas
Mary Cheever

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