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Friday, April 30, 1999


GU-12-2 bounce Billerica, 3-0

With no subs, Concord-Carlisle Girls Under 12 soccer team rose to the challenge and convincingly beat Billerica 3-0 for their third win of the season. The first half was a scoreless tie as the defense kept control and the offense struggled to find its rhythm. Sweeper Sarabeth Henderson had the answer to most of Billerica's threats, allowing wing fullbacks Sara Takvorian and Ariel Morrison to attack their marks aggressively and push the ball upfield. By the second half, C-C was firing on all cylinders. Exhibit one was Hannah Tarolli, rounding the ball up at midfield and charging forward to spring Alison Probolus on the left. Probolus, who played as if possessed all half, carried the breakaway to the net. As the keeper came out to cut the angle, Probolus calmly looped the ball over the keeper's head and into the goal. The swarming Blue then dominated. Takvorian had a spectacular left-footed feed for one threat and Lizzie Butler used a head ball to initiate another.

The pressure finally yielded the second goal on a pretty combination of passes from Sam Smith to Damara Hawley to Butler. Samantha O'Keefe earned the capper on a long run down the right, eluding three defenders and scoring. Keeper Libby Stout played the Maytag repair man most of the second half but had a couple of nice saves to combine with Butler for the second shutout of the season.

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