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Friday, April 23, 1999


Issues of beauty, wetland preservation, life and death emergency calls, and historical responsibility were but a few of the elements of the April 15 board of appeals meeting that continued to struggle with the issues surrounding a 100-foot monopole for cellular communications proposed by Nextel Communications, Inc. ...more

The state Department of Environmental Protection had once again given the plans for the Carlisle School's new septic system on the Banta-Davis Land the green light. The deadline for appeal was near and town officials hoped that at long last, construction could proceed. However, Timothy and Phyllis Landers of Bedford Road filed one more complaint on April 16, ...more

The aftermath of the frantic last-minute warrant Article accord between the selectmen and the finance committee, established two apparent facts. Both the board and the committee will support the Warrant article calling for the town to purchase the Wang-Coombs property, and the $5 million bonding authorization will be dropped from the Warrant. With that noted, ...more

Paul Gill of Judy Farm Road spoke in support of Article 35 of the town Warrant to establish a six-month moratorium on the granting of special permits for wireless communication facilities. The same presentation was well-received by the planning board on April 12, but the selectmen were not as encouraging. "I'm not sure we need a moratorium," said ...more

The new preschool at the Carlisle Public School has been successful in its first year. Known as an "integrated" pre-school, it serves 15 Carlisle children, five of whom are special needs students who would otherwise be sent to programs out of town. The preschool allows these children to stay in Carlisle and to be included with other children at an ...more

Special education (SPED) reform is a hot topic on Beacon Hill this year, with three different bills currently being considered. Each of the bills contains a different plan to address the funding of special education as well as other issues. Any reform will have some impact on Carlisle, but just what that will be depends on the final outcome in the state legislature. ...more

Concord-Carlisle music students once again have distinguished themselves as eminently talented bards, and were recognized as such at the April 13 regional school committee meeting. After participating in the Massachusetts Music Teachers State Music Festival, the freshman band, in its first performance at the competition, earned a silver medal. The concert ...more

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