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Friday, April 23, 1999


CCHS musicians shine; permission granted for trip to China

Concord-Carlisle music students once again have distinguished themselves as eminently talented bards, and were recognized as such at the April 13 regional school committee meeting. After participating in the Massachusetts Music Teachers State Music Festival, the freshman band, in its first performance at the competition, earned a silver medal. The concert band earned its seventh consecutive gold medal, the highest honor awarded at the festival. The string orchestra, not to be outdone, earned a gold medal as well, for the fourth year in a row. Mixed chorus also earned its fourth silver medal. In their first time appearing at the festival, the women's chorus earned a silver medal, and the men's chorus won a gold.

The music department isn't resting on its laurels, however; band director Al Dentino and guidance counselor Thomas Curtin requested permission to take members of the high school jazz band on a cross-cultural musical exchange to China. In a letter from the two, a concert at the American Embassy was cited as a highlight of the trip. With the recommendation that no students would have their ability to play on sports teams or other activities revoked if they went on the trip, the board granted permission for the trip, which is in its planning stages but scheduled for April, 2000.

Math team wins

state competition

The school committee also had the opportunity to recognize the other side of the brain as well, as the high school math team was congratulated for winning the Massachusetts State Championship for medium sized-schools for the fourth year in a row. Four CCHS students are now eligible to compete in the Atlantic Regional Math League Competition held in Pennsylvania each year.

Addressing a letter from Betsey Bilodeau of the Concord Education Fund, a group that awards grants to teachers from elementary to high school for special projects, the school committee expressed concern over the fund's policy of working with Superintendent Gene Thayer exclusively, as opposed to negotiating with the school committee. Committee member Fred Wersan suggested a school committee representative act as liaison to the group, possibly as a voting member, to "see if proposals fit in with what we are trying to do." Lauren Walters, a former member of the education fund, suggested that the two groups "shouldn't be having a turf fight," and reminded the group that all of programs which have been funded by the group "have been marvelous." The school committee planned to ask fund member Bilodeau to attend a meeting during which these concerns could be addressed.

Additional busses

Additional busses will be leased for the Concord and Concord-Carlisle schools, in part to supply additional transportation for Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunities (METCO) students. The contract for the busses was awarded to New England Transit, at a cost of approximately $57,000 per bus.

Student council initiative

The student council announced plans to initiate a "Get Out to Vote" campaign in May. The group hopes to spark interest in the political process and encourage seniors to vote. Wersan cautioned student council president Andy Robichaud not to do anything on school grounds that could violate campaign finance laws. The student council hopes to reach students in time for the May elections in both Concord and Carlisle.

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