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Friday, April 16, 1999


When veteran Carlisle Minuteman Charlie Forsberg awakes early Monday morning, April 19, he'll hurry to slip on his knickers, white stockings, buckle shoes, peasant shirt and vest, grab his tri-cornered hat and musket and head for the Carlisle Green. If he's lucky, there will be just enough time to eat a hearty breakfast, for there are many miles to hike this ...more

Physical education in Carlisle sounds like much more fun than parents of today's students may remember. Margaret Heigl, Philip LaPalme and Sally Watts described some of their innovative programs to the Carlisle School Committee at their April 6 meeting. ...more

Protecting salamander habitat actually saves a homeowner money and time rather than adding one more worry or expense (like your septic system, well, or long driveway). As Carlisle is chopped into two-acre bits, we individual landowners become stewards to salamander habitats. Understanding their life cycle and a few tips can show you the way to painless wildlife ...more

Whether or not the Y2K computer problem turns out to be a major disruption of life for us on January 1, 2000, let's imagine it will. In the words of Eric Utne, founder of the Utne Reader, "As we prepare for Y2K, something surprising and quite wonderful is going to happen. We're going to get to know our neighbors." ...more

Imagine walking up from the Town Hall parking lot on the wood chip path and coming across a wildflower meadow full of butterflies. If American native prairie wildflowers and grasses can grow around the Town Hall septic field, the Carlisle Board of Health may be able to recommend these plants for a pleasing, low maintenance alternative for all leach fields ...more

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