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Friday, April 16, 1999


Superintendent receives high praise

In their annual evaluation, the Carlisle School Committee had nothing but praise for Superintendent Davida Fox-Melanson. Committee chair David Dockterman said he could summarize the comments of all the members "in one wordwonderful."

Member Peter Cole, who will be finishing his three-year term this spring, said to Fox-Melanson, "You have brought something to this school that it didn't have before." In his written comments, Cole also said, "The Carlisle School system is the envy of the state, and soon the country."

Dockterman noted comments about school committee meetings being friendlier now. "We need to think of ways to get more people to come to meetings, and to make meetings more interesting," he said.

Lunch time too short

There have been complaints this year that the lunch periods are too short. The length of the lunch time was shortened a few years ago to increase classroom time as required by the education reform act. Now that the number of students has grown, the 20 to 25 minutes allotted is not enough for everyone to go through the lunch line and still have time to eat.

Principal Andy Goyer has been looking at this problem. The obvious solution would be to add 15 minutes to the school day. This would have to be negotiated in the next teachers' contract (in two years), and it would cost money, he said. For next year, lunches will be lengthened five minutes by taking five minutes away from lunch recess. Currently, grades six to eight have 20 minutes for lunch and 15 minutes for recess, grade five has 20 minutes for lunch and 25 minutes for recess. Grades one to four have 25 minutes for lunch and 25 minutes for recess. Scheduling difficulties precluded making changes in the middle of this year, Goyer said.

School business manager Eileen Riley added that she has been looking for bottlenecks in the cafeteria operation. An additional person to help for two hours a day during the serving time would help to move the lines along, she said.

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