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Friday, April 9, 1999


Buttrick Woodswork underway

Driving to Concord, residents may have noticed that clearing has begun for the Buttrick Woods conservation cluster. The planning board had approved the common driveway and conservation cluster at their February 22 meeting, but kept the public hearing open for input from town counsel. The developer's engineer, Joe March, of Stamski and McNary, reviewed the short list of legal comments and made whatever corrections were requested, without objection.

One issue remained and many people in town face the same dilemma. Some of the plans refer to Concord Street and some say Concord Road. A lively argument ensued and those who insisted that "Street" was the correct name were countered by those who claimed "Road" predated "Street." An ingenious solution agreeable to all was to insert "Concord Street, also known as (aka) Concord Road" at the beginning of each document. That decided, the board closed the public hearing on March 22 and four members signed the documents. The fifth member, chair Tara Hengeveld, was stuck in Seattle and signed the documents upon her return.

Treibick hearing postponed

A continued public hearing for the Treibick special permit for a common driveway to serve five lots at 138-142 East Street was postponed until April 12. The board had unanimously voted not to endorse the Approval Not Required (ANR) plan at their previous meeting. The public hearing had been continued at that time to give the board an opportunity to check with counsel on all attendant legal technicalities. Because Hengeveld was not present, the board did not have the requisite number of members to hear testimony.

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