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Friday, April 9, 1999


Odyssey of the Mind team off to state competition

Carlisle's seventh-grade team will compete tomorrow, April 10, in the Odyssey of the Mind state tournament to be held at Bedford High School. The team, consisting of Christina Daugherty, Stephanie Ivanov, Megan Lyons, Clare Nosowitz, Elizabeth Popolo, and Sam Rolley, walked away from the regional competition March 6 with first place in their division and problem category.

The team will present their creative solution to the EnvirOMental problem. They were given a scenario in which an earth species' habitat had suffered disruption and is now uninhabitable. The team had to create four optional new habitats which each contain samples of water, atmosphere, and land. One sample of each of these types is labeled "bad." The team had to come up with a way to test the samples and find the bad ones. Any habitat that contains a bad sample is considered unsuitable. The goal is to determine the status of all the habitats within eight minutes and from a distance of six feet without crossing a line.

In addition to the technical solution, the team also needs to present a skit to tell the story of the team's chosen species which is pandas. The team selected a mime, played by Sam Rolley, to illustrate their story non-verbally. The mime is accompanied by two pandas, played by Elizabeth Popolo and Clare Nosowitz, and sample testers, played by Megan Lyons and Stephanie Ivanov. Christina Daugherty introduces the skit.

The team has worked since October to put their solution together. Megan Lyons says, "I think we have worked hard enough to be proud of ourselves because we helped each other to solve the problem." Elizabeth Popolo thinks, "We've put so much work into our solution that it's an honor to even be going to States, so we're really grateful." And Stephanie Ivanov says, "No quotes please."

The team hopes that their town will support them when they compete at Bedford High School for the Odyssey of the Mind state tournament. Everyone is welcome to watch and cheer for the seventh-grade team in its performance tomorrow.

Elizabeth Popolo is a seventh-grade team member.

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