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Friday, April 2, 1999


Sounds of the first spring peepers outside the Town Hall heralded the advent of town election season. Candidates for all but two vacancies were nominated at the March 29 town caucus. ...more

On Monday, members of the Gleason Library Trustees and building committee were pleased to announce that the proposed renovation and expansion plan for the town's library will cost $2,868,455, a figure close to their most recent estimates. Clearly relieved at the result of recently received bids, building committee chair Sally Swift asked for support and in ...more

Concord School Superintendent Gene Thayer reduced the operating budget forConcord-Carlisle Regional High School to avoid an override request inConcord. But while the overall budget was reduced, Carlisle's share stillexceeds the Carlisle finance committee's guideline. At its meeting on March 23, theRegional School Committee approved the revised budget for CCHS ...more

Daunted by the cumulative impact of the financial decisions facing voters at the upcoming Special and Annual Town Meetings, the selectmen have asked the municipal land acquisition committee to reduce its $10 million bonding authorization article. According to selectman Burt Rubenstein, the committee will be encouraged to lower its sights to an amount in the ...more

"If education reform is not revolutionary, it cannot succeed!" This quotation of Dr. John Silber sums up his commitment to public service and the education of all children. Dr.Silber, chancellor of Boston University and former chair of the Massachusetts Board of Education, was the guest speaker at the fifth annual Carlisle Education Forum on Saturday ...more

After nearly a year of quietly collecting comments and considering codifications, the bylaw review committee has delivered to the selectmen a hefty set of revisions to the Carlisle zoning bylaw. The board of appeals has long awaited clarification of some of the provisions, such as whether non-conforming houses may be expanded more than 50 percent, while other ...more

As the hours tick away at the May Town Meeting, voters can take consolation in the fact that the selectmen have so far gone through seven drafts of the Warrant to pare it down to a mere 36 articles (at last count). The following articles did not make the cut: ...more

The Minuteman Advisory Group on lnterlocal Coordination (MAGIC) will devote much of its April 8 meeting to Geographic, Information Systems (GIS). GIS is a computer-based system that allows communities to use and analyze data that have a spatial dimension, creating maps that facilitate decision-making by relating information and location. ...more

The Carlisle Conservation Commission spoke up for both current and imminent abutters to two "park land" lots set aside by the planning board when it approved the Pine Meadows subdivision in October 1997. Under an agreement with developer William Costello, the two lots would not be subject to development without further board approval for a period ...more

On March 30, the selectmen agreed on the amount of the override questions to be included on the ballot for the May 11 town election after the May 4 Annual Town Meeting. Selectman Vivian Chaput summarized the decision by saying, "We have created a priority system of overrides. Those areas most in need are covered in level one; enhancements are in level ...more

Carlisle's Middle School Senior Band was awarded the gold medal for the twelfth consecutive year at the annual Massachusetts Instrumental and Choral Conductors Association Concert Festival at Lexington High School on Sunday, March 28. ...more

Concord-Carlisle High School (CCHS) is one of four schools in Massachusetts to be selected to offer the Youth Tech Entrepreneurs (YTE) program next fall. Many freshmen have been interviewed for the first of a three-year program designed to help students develop and demonstrate academic, entrepreneurial and technical skills. Students begin this ...more

of the high school budget, is based on the number ofstudents enrolled at CCHS with Carlisle's pupil ratio for FY00 set at24.32 percent. ...more

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