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Friday, April 2, 1999


Everyone knows the Clark farm on Concord Street, on the left as you head out of Carlisle on the way to Concord. This is the home of Guy and Dot Clark, where Guy raised herds of dairy cows from the early twenties until the mid-eighties. ...more

The Concord Public Schools have begun a pilot program to teach Spanish to students starting in the third grade. At the Regional School Committee meeting on March 23, Assistant Superintendent Karen Nerpouni showed a video of this year's third-grade class, with students learning such language basics as simple introductions, questions, body parts, colors and ...more

The legend of Robin Hood is so familiar that many attending last weekend's performances of Robin Hood, The Musical may have come expecting few surprises. But Carlisle's seventh graders presented a fresh, thoroughly enjoyable production that added the sparkle of comedy to all the elements we've come to expectgreed, plots, rescues, romance, and swashbuckling ...more

In early New England music accompanied the marching of the militia, enhanced services at the meetinghouses and provided enjoyment at home and at social gatherings. Musical instruments and songbooks in the Carlisle historical collections reflect the role of music in the lives of our ancestors. ...more

New Englanders are well acquainted with historical misconceptions: it's not Bunker Hill, but Breed's Hill; Henry David Thoreau is pronounced "thorough", not "throw"; and Paul Revere didn't ride to Concord, Dr. Prescott did. Even George Washington's story has its quirks. ...more

For a touch of France and a first-class lunch try this Concord bistro (without wine). It is decorated in a French country manner and has only four tables. On Monday of last week Alex and I ate lunch there and I repeated this delightful experience with a friend on Friday. La Provence had managed to escape my attention until a Concord friend served me some of ...more

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