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Friday, April 2, 1999


CCHS boasts innovative programs

Concord-Carlisle High School (CCHS) is one of four schools in Massachusetts to be selected to offer the Youth Tech Entrepreneurs (YTE) program next fall. Many freshmen have been interviewed for the first of a three-year program designed to help students develop and demonstrate academic, entrepreneurial and technical skills. Students begin this program as sophomores and continue through senior year. They attend an academic class during the school day, attend a monthly Saturday lab, and volunteer for after-school technology-based projects. Students will work with faculty and staff to maintain computer networks and provide technology support services. They will also participate in paid summer internships in a partner business. Through these experiences, students will develop their problem-solving, writing, presentation and leadership skills, while they work together to build and run a business.

Also new this spring is the Human Anatomy and Physiology Internship Project that is supported by a grant from the Minuteman School-to-Careers Partnership in conjunction with the CCHS School-Business Partnership. During the internship, seniors will have eight one-and-a-half-hour site visits over nine weeks that will immerse them in the real world of health and medical science. In varying degrees ,they will research and apply concepts studied in school while gaining experience in the workplace. Students will observe, talk with and work alongside a health professional mentor. The program is expected to benefit both students and mentors.

So, while many lament the loss of the business, home economics, and industrial arts departments over the last decades, innovations have been made in the curriculum that are more appropriate for the times and more appealing to a range of students.

Tom Curtin is a guidance counselor at CCHS.

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