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Friday, April 2, 1999


Town caucus brings contest

Sounds of the first spring peepers outside the Town Hall heralded the advent of town election season. Candidates for all but two vacancies were nominated at the March 29 town caucus.

Howard Hensleigh was selected as moderator with Natalie Ives serving as clerk. The caucus was delayed by 20 minutes until a quorum of 25 registered voters was assembled.

Finance committee chair Charles Parker will challenge incumbents Vivian Chaput and John Ballantine for the two openings on the board of selectmen. Parker ran for selectman one year ago and lost to Burt Rubenstein by only 13 votes after a recount.

The school committee may feature a wife-husband team if John Nock is successful in his bid for election along with incumbent Cynthia Nock who is running for re-election. She is presently also serving as chair of the Regional School Committee.

No one stepped forward for one of the two five-year terms for planning board or the three-year term for assessor. If there are no candidates, the positions will remain open until successors are appointed by the selectmen.

Volunteers who are interested in running for a position have until 5 p.m. on April 5 to submit nomination papers (with 20 certified signatures) which are available from the town clerk at Town Hall. After that date, residents may run as a write-in candidate.

Town Caucus Nominees

Moderator (one for one year)

Marshall Simonds, School Street

Nominated by Sarah Andreassen

Selectmen (two for three years)

Vivian Chaput, Milne Cove Road

Nominated by Doug Stevenson

John Ballantine, Fiske Street

Nominated by Rik Pierce

Charles Parker, Log Hill Road

Nominated by Greg Peterson

Assessors (one for three years)

No nominations

School Committee (two for three years)

Cynthia Nock, Canterbury Court

Nominated by Carol Peters

John Nock, Canterbury Court

Nominated by Cynthia Nock

Library Trustees (one for three years)

Rosalie Johnson, Acton Street

Nominated by Teresa Kvietkauskas

Planning Board (two for five years)

Louise Hara, Concord Street

Nominated by Tara Hengeveld

No nomination for one vacancy

Board of Health (one for three years)

Laura Semrad, Curve Street

Nominated by Steve Opolski

Housing Authority (one for five years)

Martin Galligan, South Street

Nominated by Sarah Andreassen

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