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Friday, March 26, 1999


Planning Board receives praise

The planning board is the frequent object of abuse from lawyers, landowners, and developers intent on profiting within Carlisle. Thus it was with humble pride that a recent letter to the board from Bill and Dian Cuccinello of 134 East Street was distributed at the March 22 meeting. The letter begins, "I just wanted to express my appreciation for the fine job I think you're doing for the Town of Carlisle."

The Cuccinellos relate how their attorney, upon returning from a board meeting, said that the Carlisle Planning Board was one of the most experienced and knowledgeable planning boards she has encountered. The Cuccinellos' letter concludes, "From my vantage point, you're doing a terrific job. I rest assured that the character of Carlisle, the reason so many of us moved here, is safe and well planned in the future." Smiles around the head table testified that being a board member does have its rewards.

Two positions on board

Speaking of being a board member, the planning board wishes to remind those interested that two members' terms are expiring this spring. Since the planning board meeting, both chair Tara Hengeveld and vice-chair John LaLiberté have informed the Mosquito that they will not be seeking re-election.

Anyone who is up to the challenge should appear at the town caucus on Monday, March 29.

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