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Friday, March 19, 1999


Carlisle Schools' Boys Basketball exciting and rewarding

The 1998-99 boys basketball season was both exciting and rewarding. It was definitely a rebuilding year with only two experienced players returning from last year's squad. After losing three of the first four games, the team came back to finish at an even six wins and six losses. Included in those six losses were three close games, to the top teams in the league.

One of the most exciting games of the year was the game at home against Hanscom. Having been previously beaten at Hanscom by twenty points, Carlisle was ready for the rematch. From the beginning it was clear that Justin Hendrickson was capable of shutting down their top scorer who had scored 19 points against us at Hanscom. Peter Hantzis, Greg Roberts and John Pouler played well on offense and defense which kept Carlisle in the game. The score was close the entire game, but with seven seconds to go, Hanscom scored a basket to put them up by one and Carlisle called a time-out. A play was set up during the time-out and the team ran the play to perfection. The players took their positions on the floor, Ty Bitzer set a pick on Hantzis's defender and as he came off the picks, Pouler made a crisp pass to Peter Cutting to the hoop. With the defense all over him, Hantzis put up a good off-balance shot that just rolled off the rim as the final buzzer sounded. That was just one of the tough losses during the season.

This year's team was led by veterans Roberts and Hantzis. Greg was a terrrific ball handler, shooter and leader. Peter was Mr. "All Around," blocking shots scoring and helping bring the ball up the court when needed. Pouler had been on the team last year, but didn't play much due to an injury.

He made up for lost time this year as a terrific rebounder, scorer and defensive player. Mike Finizio and Justin Hendrickson were new to the team this year and provided excellent rebounding and defense in the low post position. Mike Meldononian was another rookie who provided good ball handling and aggressiveness on both ends of the court. Craig Ferraro and Don Chapman were good all-around players who played a variety of positions depending on who needed a rest.

The bright spot for the future of Carlisle basketball is the number of players who will be returning to next year's team. Bitzer and Tyler Davis are two outstanding ball handlers and shooters. Robbie Clark and Johnny Stone are good at the forward position and Ben Phillippo has been showing strength as a rebounder and scorer down in the low post.

The team would like to thank our managers and statisticians, Reed Frailey, Aaron Widell, Andy Moriani and Mike Moriani, for all they have done for the team during the season. A special thanks goes to all the incredible fans who came and cheered. This gym has not heard that kind of noise in a long time. One official remarked, "If I had known the fans were going to be so loud, I would have worn ear plugs!"

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