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Friday, March 19, 1999


Carlisle Schools' Girls Basketball hard work and fun

The Carlisle Girls Basketball team had a season filled with tough competition. Despite a record of three wins and nine losses, the girls stepped up to the challenge and played well. Their opening game against Hanscom, where they came from behind 12-21 at the half to win 27-25, characterized this team's personality. With their aggressive defensive play, the girls fought to win each game, always playing their best.

Returning eighth graders and co-captains Kelsey Stoico and Meaghan Kilian provided great leadership for the team. Meaghan ran plays and got the team going by her frequent steals. Kelsey led the team in scoring and blocked shots. Returning eighth graders Bethany Kennedy and Kaitlin Mattison each provided strong defense, often keeping their opponents from shooting. Eighth graders Jazen Jacobellis, Jaclyn Anderson, Adrienne Tambone, Jenn Woodward, and Alex Habbe worked hard to learn the offensive and defensive plays and played well as a team. Each girl could play any position on the court and exhibited fierce woman-to-woman defense.

Returning seventh graders Sam Saltz and Emily Rolando added skill and hustle to each game. Emily's intense playing and Sam's shooting and passing kept the team going. Seventh graders Kim Anderson and Joslyn Tarr demonstrated excellent defensive play with many steals and rebounds

The only sixth grader, Sam O'Keefe, dribbled and shot her way to playing point guard, sharing this position with Saltz and Kilian, Managers Laura Baumgartner, Jenn Trebino, and Meredith Babine did a great job of keeping score, running the clock, and getting the team organized.

It was a great season! The girls demonstrated much growth and learned a lot about the game and how to play as a team. Their spirit was always positive and they never stopped playing hard. Good luck to the eighth graders as they move on to high school. We are looking forward to another basketball season of hard work and fun next year!

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