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Friday, March 19, 1999

Chaput to run again

To the Editor:

I wish to announce that I am running for another three-year term as your selectman. I believe that there are several initiatives with which I have been associated that require continued oversight and a longer term view, including implementing the town's Study Plan, the master plan for Carlisle, evaluating alternatives for future growth patterns for the town, and seeking state and federal funding mechanisms for carrying out the town's goals and objectives. It takes a significant amount of time for a newly elected person to absorb all the issues related to management of the town, and I feel that my three years of experience will be an asset for all of us.

With a background in planning, real estate management and development, and a master of business administration degree, I feel that I have the experience, skills and financial training to continue to assist the town in its search for reasonable and realistic means of maintaining the town's character while preparing for its future needs. I hope that you will give me your continued support. Thank you.

Vivian Chaput
Milne Cove Lane

Unsung heros of Carlisle

To the Editor:

On Friday March 12, a woman driving toward Concord, on Concord Street, spun out of control and veered off the road into a field, hitting a tree along the way. I called the police from my carphone. I can not begin to tell you how exceptional the rescue people were. Lieutenant(?) Sullivan, of the Carlisle police force, as soon as he saw the woman was pregnant and there was a 4-year-old boy in the car---his tone was of utmost kindness and genuine concern. The Carlisle firefighters arrived and they too, could not have been more wonderful and gentle toward that scared pregnant mom and toddler. We are truly blessed to have such caring individuals here when we really need them. My greatest respect to all of you who so kindly helped that lady. You are the unsung heros of our community.

Sam Coursey
Westford Street

Register early for Silber talk

To the Editor:

In Carlisle we revere the joys of learning. This is because teachers are innovative and effective and students enjoy being challenged. John Silber says our culture talks about how schools should be fun, not about how much work it takes. In Carlisle, kids have it both ways; learning and hard work are fun and the results prove it.

Adults too will be treated to a challenging and exciting morning of learning when they attend Dr. John Silber's talk at the 1999 Carlisle Educational Forum, Saturday, March 27 from 9:30 to 12:30. Dr. Silber's presentation is sure to be provocative and the discussion groups that follow will be fun as well.

This year's Ed Forum is sure to fill the Corey auditorium, so early registration is recommended.

Art Milliken
Estabrook Road
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Congratulations and corrections

To the Editor:

I thoroughly agree with Mary Roberts' review of CCHS's performance of "Guys and Dolls" which I saw three times. I would like to make a correction, however, and some additional comments.

The caption of the picture in the top row center incorrectly credits my daughter Valerie with the part of Sister Sarah. The text correctly states that Colleen Sentance in the center of the picture played the part of Sarah Brown (and played it superbly).

Credit should be given to Jon Belanger who played the part of Sky Masterson, one of the leading roles in the play not mentioned in the review. He plays the suave gambler who takes Sister Sarah to Havana for dinner on a bet which leads to this unlikely couple falling in love. All four leads, Colleen Sentance, Tim Lee, Katie Newkirk and Jon Belanger, did a wonderful job; rarely does a high school have four such talented singers and actors on hand at once. In addition, there were Nicely Nicely Johnson played by David Clayton and Benny Southstreet (Mike Lazar) who got some of the best songs and performed them with gusto. The depth of the singing talent at CCHS is phenomenal. Mr. Mansen can be very, very proud of them and of Erica Berman, Student Assistant Music Director and Dorie Gardella, Student Assistant Director/Choreographer who together were responsible for much of the staging and choreography. The pit orchestra was also one of the best I've ever heard in an amateur production.

This whole cast put heart and soul into producing "Guys and Dolls," giving up their February vacation week to daily practices and working long hours after school. They managed the demanding five-performance schedule like real troopers. I've been going to high school musicals in the area for 20 years, and this one is the best I've seen yet. Congratulations to you all!

Susan Schmidt
Rutland Street

Ed note: While the review was written by Mary Roberts, who was asked to highlight the Carlisle participants, the Mosquito editors were responsible for the captions and apologize for any mistakes.

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