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Friday, March 12, 1999


They landed Shakespeare on the moon, sold a rat with fleas, created a tropical habitat for pandas and sang songs about teamwork. These were some of the original solutions presented by 37 Carlisle students at the Odyssey of the Mind regional competition in Littleton on March 6. Carlisle sent six teams to the tournament, including for the first time, two teams ...more

Nicole Baker, French teacher "extraordinaire," outlined the middle schools' instructional program for the school committee on February 1. ...more

Treasures from Carlisle's Past is a new feature column that will highlight the "stories" of many of the objects in the collections of the Town and Historical Society. Some 1,500 to 2,000 "treasures," each with a special link to the history of Carlisle, currently reside on the third floor of Gleason Library. Two collections include all manner ...more

Already I've started to plan for Wednesday, March 17. I'll set out my green sweater and skirt to wear to work and maybe I'll put on some shamrock earrings, if I can find them. I'll buy a bottle of good Irish whiskey for the three tablespoons that are needed to soak the raisins that go into my Irish Whiskey Cake, and use some for the Irish coffee I plan to ...more

I recently had the pleasure of attending a quilting class taught by Ginny Ruhe at Ralph Jordan's in Acton on Route 2A, 10 minutes from Carlisle. Six of us arrived at 10 a.m. with our sewing machines and supplies in tow, some of us taking multiple trips back and forth to the car to get it all in. ...more

It is not always easy being a good citizen. This is especially true when faced with a task that will cost you money, disrupt your home and landscaping, needs a lot of planning, and is not required of everyone. Such was the task placed upon the many homeowners of underground oil storage tanks when the Carlisle Board of Health established a local Petroleum ...more

On Sunday, February 28 despite sleet and rain, sixteen students from the New England Conservatory Prep. School directed by Prof. Rodney Lister presented an exhilarating concert. Works were performed in this Janet Gates Peckham Scholarship Fund concert by student players and composers whose ages ranged from nine to sixteen years. Several players had debuted ...more

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