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Friday, March 12, 1999


House breaks continue in area

Police Chief David Galvin urges residents to be on the alert, as house breaks continue in surrounding communities. While investigations continue on recent unsolved breaks in Carlisle, he stressed the following precautions against future break-ins in a message to the Mosquito earlier this week.

· If you have an alarm system, use it! Remember that on average a housebreaker is in and out of a home in under ten minutes, so have the alarm system on even when you are away for only a short time. An active burglar alarm has sent more than one intruder running.

· Report suspicious persons or vehicles to the police. Some of these calls make amusing reading when they are recorded in the police log, but it is residents' prompt actions that have led to arrests in some cases and may have foiled break-in others.

In an interview this past Monday, both Galvin and Lieutenant John Sullivan commented on Carlisle's outstanding robberies. The woman arrested in conjunction with the January 17 Baldwin Road break-in is scheduled for a hearing on March 12 in Lowell. Police are continuing interviews in connection with the Westford Street break-in, reported on February 17, and have checked Lowell pawnshops and advised Lowell police of items taken in the February 23 Cross Street break-in.

Phone scam alert

Galvin also warned residents not to give out a credit card number to anyone unless they are absolutely sure they are dealing with a legitimate company. One resident, for example, reported a suspicious phone call in which the caller represented herself as an insurance company selling credit card fraud insurance and requested the resident's credit card number. In addition to protecting your card number, you should report this kind of call to the police.

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