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Friday, March 12, 1999

It's a dog's world

To the Editor:

I offer thanks to the three individuals writing in response to Sal Borello's piece. I had not read it, but having seen the farcical letter responses, I knew it would be a must-read. One thing that was not totally clear in the letters was whether there would likely be any objection with regard to gender in the case of the marriage to one's dog. Would it be accepted in Carlisle if a man were to marry a male dog? And furthermore, if one married a bitch, could she be spayed after the ceremony? Would such a marriage require a marriage license or a dog license?

Ever since the fall of the Roman Empire, civilization has slowly been going to the dogs and it will only be a matter of a short time now before the transition is complete. Yes, by all means, let us have a diverse world. At the same time, let us be cautious lest we infringe on the rights of our canine mates. We will have to shore up our laws to protect our mates from being forced into servitude pulling sleds or being put out to stud.

I also note that there seems to be a selective application of the policy written on page two, indicating that letters are limited to 350 words. Perhaps we could have the entire policy written so that we can understand under what circumstances longer letters are accepted for publication.

Arthur Bisberg
Fern Lane

Show me the boxtops

To the Editor:

We are getting down to the wire! Final boxtops collection will be on Friday, March 26. Send them in to the classrooms, label them with your child's name, grade and teacher's name. Boxtops and coupons can be dropped off at Daisy's and the transfer station. Keep looking for the final numbers. (Remember, even though our deadline for this year is March 31, continue to collect through spring and summerthey count toward next year.) Thanks in advance. If you have any questions, call me at 287-4284.

Kathy Hassey
Fifty Acre Way

Pizza, anyone?

Does anyone besides me think that the proposed bank building looks like a Pizza Hut?

Janet Conover
Westford Street

Tradition, tradition...

To the Editor:

Doesn't Sal Borello know people with conservative views should be not seen or heard? This is Massachusetts, after all.

Sal, now you have gone and provoked people, resulting in three letters to the editor, each as long as your Forum article (and all of them longer than the Mosquito's policy of 350 words.) Perhaps you should take a "timeout" and think about what you wrote, and your outmoded ideas! Consider yourself well-chastised!

Don't you know that "Traditional Family Values" is a bedrock principle of the Democratic party and the liberal philosophy? Can't you see how it has benefitted society in the last 40 years? I believe there probably were discussions on the subject at the White House just recently (something about each marriage including its own intern).

Oh, wait, do you mean "tradition" before 1960? As in "a long time ago?" Like the '50s...and the 1850s too? You know, back when the world was a terrible place? Before the silly TV sit-coms? Oh...

Hmmm, where's that dictionary? Tradition, tradition...

Bob McCauley
Log Hill Road

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