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Friday, March 12, 1999


Review: Quilting class with Ginny

I recently had the pleasure of attending a quilting class taught by Ginny Ruhe at Ralph Jordan's in Acton on Route 2A, 10 minutes from Carlisle. Six of us arrived at 10 a.m. with our sewing machines and supplies in tow, some of us taking multiple trips back and forth to the car to get it all in.

The first order of business was to display the fabric we had chosen and to decide on its relative placement. After seeing some of Ginny's variations on the New England Woods pattern we were to use, some quilters were inspired to make more daring choices. She developed the pattern using the traditional log cabin method with a contemporary twist. The finished quilt is approximately 21x17 inches and is meant to hang on a wall. The instructions were in the form of a chart which was easy to follow, though some of the students expressed a desire for more descriptive text.

Upon establishing that most of the class members had little or no prior experience with paper piecing, Ginny gave us a brief introduction to this technique.

The morning was quiet with each of the students focused on learning the pattern. By lunchtime the class members were comfortable enough with what they were doing to get to know each other and Ginny shared some of her experience and background with us. The quilt built up with surprising speed. By four o'clock most of the class had about half finished. It was possible to complete the pattern at home with only a couple more hours of work.

I walked away from this class with confidence in my ability to do paper piecing, something I had never tried before. I was inspired to take the techniques I learned and create my own variations.

Ginny Ruhe is a member of the group Women Who Run With Scissors. A list of her classes and others can be obtained from Ralph Jordan (263-0606).

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