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Friday, March 5, 1999


When Carlisle resident Chuck Lewin moved into his new home on East Riding Drive, he immediately ordered his lifeline to the outside worldhis phone service. Almost four weeks later, the line was still dead. After calling Bell Atlantic innumerable times and being told every day to expect the service "the next day" or "by Monday," Lewin was ...more

"Bye dear, I'm going to the dump. Do you need anything?" Nine brightly colored dump stickers adorn the front bumper of my pickup truck like medals on a general's chest. Meanwhile at the dump, Walter Flannery lights up his breakfast cigar. Ralph Sanford dusts off his bowler hat. The social event of the week is about to begin as Carlisle "dances ...more

When the Mosquito asked me to review the current CCHS production of Guys and Dolls, I didn't know what a lucky lady I would be. Backstage before the show male lead Nathan Detroit, deftly played by Carlisle's Tim Lee, assured me I was in for a musical delight. Still I couldn't imagine how thoroughly I would enjoy this professional and polished high ...more

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