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Friday, March 5, 1999


New HIV policy for high school

The HIV/AIDS policy that has been in effect at the Concord Public Schools since 1988 was recently revised to increase confidentiality for any student who might have AIDS.

Superintendent Gene Thayer told the Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee on February 22 that he revised the school policy to align with Massachusetts Department of Public Health regulation changes. It states, "Parents are the gatekeepers regarding information relating to the student's HIV/AIDS status. They are not obliged to disclose this information to school personnel." If parents do decide to disclose a student's HIV/AIDS status, for example, to the school nurse, "further disclosure of a student's HIV status by the school nurse to other school personnel requires the specific written consent of the student's parents."

Additionally, for several years each classroom at the high school has kept universal precaution kits on hand to protect students and staff in the event that there is an infectious bodily spill. All teachers as well as custodians and bus drivers are trained on how to clean up any spills in the classroom or on the bus. The kits contain instructions, latex gloves, gauze, and a solution to contain the spill.

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