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Friday, March 5, 1999


Lucky Lowell Street homeowner gets board of health waiver

"Very rarely, with a mounded system, do we have an opportunity for a gravity system," stated town consulting engineer Rob Frado at the February 23 board of health meeting.

Frado's comment was in reference to a waiver request on a septic system repair presented by Rich Harrington of the engineering firm Stamski and McNary for property on Lowell Street owned by Timothy Parsons. Harrington's design placed the septic tank 63 feet from the well which violated the Carlisle Board of Health 100-foot requirement but met the 50-foot requirement in the state's Title 5 law. With the proposed placement, the owner could limit the amount of grading required and a pump would not be needed to move the effluent to the new leach field. The bed for the leach field measured an acceptable perk rate of 12 minutes per inch, and met the Carlisle requirement of being more than 100 feet from the well.

Board of health chair Steve Opolski asked Harrington about his certainty of the property boundaries because this had been an issue in recently approved repairs for other homeowners. Harrington replied that the property lines were marked with a stone wall and the original survey was done by his firm Stamski and McNary.

The board unanimously approved the design with the tank-to-well distance waiver and a deed restriction that the owner could not install a garbage grinder sewage disposal system.

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