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Friday, March 5, 1999


Hear details on Open Space Neighborhood bylaw on March 8

The Carlisle Planning Board has scheduled a meeting on Monday, March 8, at 7:30 p.m. in the Town Hall to discuss the proposed Open Space Neighborhood (OSN) bylaw that will be on the Warrant for Town Meeting. An OSN is a subdivision that will have the same number of homes as a standard subdivisiona maximum of one per two acresbut they will be concentrated, with the remainder of the site left as open space. The bylaw applies only to parcels greater than ten acres.

Lot size will depend on the amount of open space preserved. One-acre lots (the minimum) will only be possible when half of the parcel (exclusive of roadways) is left as open space. Where wetlands and other sensitive natural features might otherwise be disturbed in order to access parts of a parcel, the OSN would allow them to be left untouched. The preservation of the most sensitive portions of the site, at no cost to the town, is the major advantage of the OSN. This is a discretionary permit; if it appears that an OSN proposal is not in the best interest of the community the planning board would deny the special permit.

In most cases, the open space will be deeded to the town or a non-profit organization. In cases where it is used for a well or septic system (as allowed under the bylaw) a neighborhood association would retain it with appropriate restrictions. All requirements of the conservation commission and the board of health will still need to be met.

Regardless of the availability of this bylaw, the board believes that existing open parcels will be developed. Having the OSN as an option might protect the most sensitive areas.

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