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Friday, March 5, 1999

When Carlisle resident Chuck Lewin moved into his new home on East Riding Drive, he immediately ordered his lifeline to the outside worldhis phone service. Almost four weeks later, the line was still dead. After calling Bell Atlantic innumerable times and being told every day to expect the service "the next day" or "by Monday," Lewin was ...more

"Bye dear, I'm going to the dump. Do you need anything?" Nine brightly colored dump stickers adorn the front bumper of my pickup truck like medals on a general's chest. Meanwhile at the dump, Walter Flannery lights up his breakfast cigar. Ralph Sanford dusts off his bowler hat. The social event of the week is about to begin as Carlisle "dances ...more

The selectmen did not exactly roll out the red carpet to welcome North Middlesex Savings Bank, the new owner of the old Saint Irene Church property on Bedford Road, when the bank unveiled its plans at the selectmen's meeting on February 23. While no objections were expressed to the concept of a full-service bank in the town center, selectmen made it clear ...more

Housing authority chair Marty Galligan had the selectmen's full attention on February 23 when he submitted his proposed Warrant article to spend $40,000 for the purpose of planning and design of up to 12 units of affordable housing on the Conant Land. Galligan elaborated that this project essentially revitalizes a portion of the affordable housing plan for ...more

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