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Friday, February 26, 1999


Just when FinCom thought that no more dollar signs would fit in the Clark Room on February 11, up stepped the Gleason Library building committee. Chair Sally Swift introduced Ed Sonn, who recently joined the group after participating in the Town Hall and Saint Irene Church building projects. Swift was not willing to back off from their recent $400,000 increase ...more

The selectmen have applied for a grant of approximately $300,000 to help fund the acquisition of the Wang-Coombs property off Curve Street should the town vote to purchase the property at the upcoming Town Meeting. ...more

There was little joy when the finance committee heard that combined increases for communications, the building inspector and general expenses would exceed the guideline by over $100,000. ...more

Seeking to head off any opposition at the May 4 Annual Town Meeting, planning board members have initiated an early dialogue with their conservation commission colleagues. Planning board chair Tara Hengeveld gave an annotated briefing on the board's proposed spring Warrant articles at the commission's February 11 meeting, and strongly encouraged comments ...more

"Marty Galligan, chair of the Carlisle Housing Authority, is here to speak to us about affordable housing," announced planning board chair Tara Hengeveld on February 8. The presentation included state affordable housing options and a suggestion that the Conant Land be considered a site in the future. ...more

"This is like the movie 'Groundhog Day,'" said Jacob Diemert, attorney for Theodore Treibick. "We keep reliving the same public hearing." Diemert was referring to the request for special permit for a common driveway to serve five lots at 138-142 East Street. Unlike the movie, Diemert has enjoyed little progress with each repetition. ...more

At their meeting of February 11, the conservation commission took up a request concerning a project that is far from new to either themselves or the planning board. The discussion referenced a letter from Paul C. Hart addressed to both town boards, asking that they or the trails committee undertake a survey of existing paths, easements and rights of way through ...more

Two proposals are on the table to facilitate creation of affordable housing in town. At the selectmen's meeting on February 9, Michael Epstein of the planning board described two proposed amendments to the town's bylaws which would give incentives to developers to provide affordable housing. ...more

Planning board members Dan Holzman and Tara Hengeveld visited the board of health at their February 16 meeting to discuss some bylaw changes that their board is preparing for Town Meeting. ...more

Lennie Johnson of the long-term capital requirements committee presented their FY00 plan at the February 10 FinCom hearing. ...more

Skip Saunders announced his intention to resign from the board of health at the end of his current term this spring. Any voting member of the town is eligible to run for this office. The board meets twice a month on Tuesday evenings throughout the year. Interested candidates should contact board chair Steve Opolski or board agent Linda Fantasia for further ...more

As future superintendent Ed Mavrages sat in to learn the ropes of his new school system, a troubling issue was brought before the Concord-Carlisle Regional School Committee on February 9. Concord resident Lee Ann Kay claimed that she heard that the school committee had decided against addressing potentially dangerous levels of lead in the school's drinking ...more

At their February 11 meeting, the conservation commission turned to the public library building committee's application for approval of final plans for the Gleason Building addition. ...more

Engineer Joe March from Stamski and McNary, and trustees Lynn DiBiase and Mary Cheever appeared at February 16 board of health meeting to argue that the existing septic system is adequate for the proposed Gleason Library expansion. ...more

Landwest requested a joint public hearing on February 8 to remove five trees in the right-of-way of the proposed Buttrick Woods development on Concord Street. ...more

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