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Friday, February 26, 1999


Planning board approves Buttrick Woods tree removal

Landwest requested a joint public hearing on February 8 to remove five trees in the right-of-way of the proposed Buttrick Woods development on Concord Street.

Tree warden Gary Davis joined members of the planning board to discuss the issue. Joe March of Stamski and McNary displayed a map of the area and identified the ill-fated trees. "There are three trees at the southern entrance to the loop roada 24-inch diameter oak, a 20-inch oak, and a six-inch oak," explained March. "At the north entrance, we'll remove a triple four-inch oak and a 14-inch oak. Fifty feet of stone wall will be removed and relocated at each of the two entrances."

A reasonable amount of brush will also be removed to improve sight lines. "We'd cut the brush anyway," said Davis, "as part of our annual clearing along the roadside." No one voiced any objections and the board voted 4 to 0 to approve the removal of brush, trees and stonewall.

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