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Friday, February 26, 1999


Library septic system approved for expansion

Engineer Joe March from Stamski and McNary, and trustees Lynn DiBiase and Mary Cheever appeared at February 16 board of health meeting to argue that the existing septic system is adequate for the proposed Gleason Library expansion.

March said that in 1995 a Title 5 inspection showed the septic system to be "amazingly clean" indicating very little use. At that time supported the system not only part-time library employees but also full-time town employees so its use could be expected to stay the same or decrease now that town employees are located in the Town Hall. There were no flow rates calculated on the 1970 septic plan (they weren't required then). In 1995, the board of health had reasoned that no changes in the septic system would be needed for the library expansion. The proposed expansion would increase the square footage from 6,500 to 12,000 but most of the additional footage would be devoted to more room for books and wider aisles for handicapped access. It is expected that child reading areas will accomodate more children, but the programs will not meet as often. There are no state or town regulations for library septic systems.

The board voted to approve use of the current system.

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