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Friday, February 26, 1999


Long-term capital requirements committee presents initial list

Lennie Johnson of the long-term capital requirements committee presented their FY00 plan at the February 10 FinCom hearing.

On the list were fire department items such as fire alarm decoder system ($11,000), Scott air bottles ($3,200), and pagers ($5,000). These were dwarfed by a recommendation to purchase a new pumper-tank fire truck for $304,000. Fire chief Bob Koning explained that the new engine would have a five-man cab and hold 1,500 gallons of water. This compares to the old 1985 engine with its two-man cab and a water capacity of only 850 gallons. "This has been on the list for years," said Koning. "The old engine cost us $95,000 and a similar replacement now runs about $200,000." FinCom members questioned the need for a larger cab, recalling old movies where a fire engine careens down the street with firemen hanging off all sides. "That's no longer legal," chuckled Koning. "They have to sit inside."

Another item on Johnson's list was $10,000 for a toddler playground. "This is the town's contribution to a $35,000 project$25,000 of which was privately raised. Annual maintenance is planned through the recreation commission's budget," he explained.

The department of public works (DPW) needs $18,000 for a fourth compactor. This began as a request to replace one of the compactors, but Saturday crowds at the transfer station convinced everyone to purchase and install a fourth unit. No one knows where it will fit, but the DPW can always "move the fence a bit."

The K-8 school had some big items on the capital requirements list$153,000 to replace the two 30-year-old air handling units on the Robbins Building to meet air quality standards and $77,000 for school facility repair, maintenance, and upgrade. This second item raised a few eyebrows since it included waste pipe repairs in the boys' room and replacing damaged acoustical panels in the Corey gym. "These are capital requirements?" puzzled FinCom members.

"That's what we're recommending so far," said Johnson. "There's more being reviewed." Other items for consideration are town office computers ($80,000, mostly for software), police station air conditioning ($10,000), a new DPW compactor truck to replace the old 1981 model ($96,000), and $500,000 annually for a ConsCom conservation fund.

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