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Friday, February 26, 1999

Correction from personnel board

To the Editor:

The personnel board would like to correct an error reported in an article entitled "Personnel Needs Underlie General Budget Increase" in the February 12 issue. The article reported that the personnel board recommends that all town hall employees work a 40-hour week. The personnel board has not made this recommendation. Rather, it has merely adopted a definition of "full-time" work in order to correct inconsistencies in the schedules of employees whose job descriptions list their position as full-time.

The definition of "full-time" adopted by the personnel board is eight hours actually worked in a day, five days a week. Counted as part of the eight hours actually worked are two 15-minute breaks. Overtime is to be paid only on hours in excess of 40 hours in one week.

The personnel board has made no recommendation as to what schedules the town hall employees should keep.

Susan Stamps
Chair, Personnel Board

Other cable options should be explored

To the Editor:

I read the article on cable TV in your January 29 issue with much interest. My initial impression was that the cable committee was going to look into other provider options. When I reached the end and found that they were just going to see if Cablevision might offer more services I was very disappointed.

Last summer, I looked into Internet services. I needed a reliable connection to the Internet as part of my job. Several people recommended MediaOne and I was impressed with the low cost of their service and their website. But that is not an option in Carlisle.

I compared costs of Internet connections from a number of different providers. At that time, Cablevision was by far the most costly and had the fewest options. Their site no longer lists costs, so I am not sure how their costs compare today. However, their site is not very easy to use and based on their antiquated program guide on cable, I doubt very much that their services are state-of-the-art.

To get some comparisons of services outside Carlisle, I asked a number of my co-workers about their cable services and everyone I spoke to that has MediaOne is very pleased. The few with Cablevision were not very happy and several had switched to dish service because Cablevision was the only game in their town.

I urge the cable committee to look into other cable options. Carlisle is an affluent town, which should give us bargaining power. We should be able to find a provider that offers good cable service and reception at reasonable cost and state-of-the-art Internet access.

Susan Goodall
Heald Road

Call for props

To the Editor:

The seventh-grade play needs props. Please call me at at 369-9968, if you could lend any of these items: wooden cart with wheels, wooden horns, wooden stools (about chair height), several dead-looking birds tied together, an old-looking chest large enough to climb into, waiter's cart, or old-fashioned luggage. Thank you in advance.

Sara Rolley
Litchfield Drive

Attendance is vital at school association meetings

To the Editor:

At the most recent Carlisle School Association meeting, members of the physical education team had parents throwing balls at each other and invited them to strap on harnesses and attempt the climbing wall. Margaret Heigl, Sally Watts and Philip LaPalme, along with school nurse Kathy Horan presented the health and physical education curriculum for kindergarten through eighth grades a program promoting habits of lifelong health and physical activity. We were captivated by their obvious love for what they do and felt the commitment and care they give to our children.

Unfortunately, attendance at the meeting was far less than what was expected since this was a topic requested by parents. Certainly the flu and upcoming school vacation were factors, but it is disheartening to ask the school faculty to give up an evening and prepare a terrific program for fewer than ten parents.

Carlisle's school is blessed with outstanding, caring faculty. Taking the time to attend programs about our school models to our children that you are interested in being partners in their education.

Watch for news of upcoming CSA programs in your kids' backpacks or in the Mosquito. We hope to see you there. And if you wander by the gym, the teachers might let you climb the wall.

Karla Johnson , C.S.A. President
Karen Huntress, Executive VP

Consider foreign language stations

To the Editor:

We recently received a Cable TV Survey from the Carlisle Cable TV Advisory Committee requesting our evaluation of the performance of our town's provider, Cablevision. Since the license of Cablevision will come up for renewal soon, it strikes me that this is an excellent opportunity to request the addition of foreign language channels such as The Knowledge Channel, SCOLA, or CKSH (from Sherbrooke, Quebec) or all three. The Knowledge Channel provides local news broadcasts in the local language from many countries. You can receive French, Spanish, Italian, and German broadcasts (and possibly others). SCOLA is an education channel and also provides foreign language. CKSH is a French language channel.

Watching TV programs in a foreign language is an excellent way to learn the language as well as get a different perspective on the news. Students as well as adults would be well served by these programs. Lexington has this capability. Why don't we? How about replacing one or all of the home shopping channels with foreign language channels?

Do let the Carlisle Cable TV Advisory Committee know by letter or by phone if you are interested in receiving foreign language channels.

Sally J. Naumann
Lowell Street

Distinguished Volunteer Service Award

To the Editor:

The board of directors of the Concord-Carlisle Community Chest wish to recognize and perpetuate volunteer service. We welcome nominations for the Seventh Annual Distinguished Volunteer Service Award.

A high school student who is a resident of Concord or Carlisle and has demonstrated initiative and commitment to a volunteer project within the area of human services is eligible. To date we have honored 20 students, who have provided a wide variety of compassionate services, including exceptional care to hospitalized patients, caring devotion to an elder in a nursing home, weekly preparation and serving of meals at a soup kitchen, and varied one-on-one work with special needs children.

Application forms have been sent to all local high schools, but may also be obtained by calling the Community Chest office. Any additional questions can also be answered by calling 369-5250. The deadline for submitting application forms is March 19.

Elizabeth Berk
Chairperson, Service Award
Community Chest board member

Den 10 is hard at work

To the Editor:

We are from Cub Scout Den 10. In January we went indoor rockclimbing at Boulder Mortys in Nashua. It was fun. In January we also went to a pinewoods derby. The pinewood derby is a mini car race for all cub scouts in Carlisle. We are looking forward to making stilts. It will be a project toward earning our bear badge. We hope to earn our bear badge soon.

From Den 10
Henry Carr
Alec Creighton
Mathew Knight
Drew Lockwood
Adam Schad

Thanks for food donations

To the Editor:

The Carlisle Youth Commission would like to thank all the students who contributed a nonperishable food item for the Open Table at last month's Friday Night Live. It was a great success and very much appreciated.

We would also like to thank all the chaperons who have helped to ensure the safety and enjoyment of the 177 middle school students who attend Friday Night Live. We can't do it without you!

Terri Chapman
Carlisle Youth Commission

Many hands make light work

To the Editor:

On behalf of the eighty members of the Carlisle Schools' Senior Band, I would like to extend my appreciation to the Carlisle community, band members and their parents for their support during our third annual citrus fruit fundraising drive. Although final figures are not yet available, indications are that this year's sale was, by far, the most successful ever, with the proceeds being used to help defray students' costs for the band's Disney World trip later this spring. In past years profits have been used to commission an original multi-media composition ("Interpretations and Transcriptions" by Kenneth Amis) for Carlisle students, to purchase new

equipment, and to provide scholarships for student musicians.

The chairperson of the drive, Stephanie Smith, was tireless in her efforts to organize students and operationalize the logistics of ordering hundreds of boxes and bags of fresh Florida fruit, in spite of the unexpected orange crop freeze in December! She, along with her committee of Pat Kilian, Brigid Siegel, Mary Cheever, Margie Zuk, Susie Smith-Petersen, Karen Morse, Kathy Schweer, Helen Eaton, Debbie Frailey, Joan Carrol-Cronin and Joan Beauchamp, should be commended and congratulated for going beyond "the extra mile." In addition, school administrators Andy Goyer, Eileen Riley, Davida Fox-Melanson, and David Flannery were actively involved and supportive throughout; while staff members Susan Pray, Richard Price, Dan Flannery, Denise Casper, and Beverly Woolard contributed much time and energy to the success of the project.

Thanks to all for a successful fund-raising campaign!

Thomas O'Halloran
Director of Music

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