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Friday, February 12, 1999


Gage Wood Lot removed from cell tower list

The selectmen have removed the Gage Wood Lot from the list of sites the town will consider for the erection of a wireless communication facility. Town administrator David DeManche stated that the wood lot, located at the end of Ember Lane, was removed for two reasons. First, it is not clear whether the town actually owns the land, and second, there is a right-of-way that cuts across the middle of the site.

According to DeManche, the town has already received five responses to its publication of a request for proposals to build wireless communication facilities on specified town-owned parcels. The possible remaining building sites specified in the publication are the Banta-Davis Land, Conant Land, Foss Farm and the department of public works site. The deadline for responses to the request for proposals is March 1.

Public hearings

Selectman Vivian Chaput noted that the public will have at least two chances to comment on any application to build a wireless communication facility before the selectmen agree to proceed. The selectmen will hold at least one public hearing on the application. The board of appeals is also required to hold a public hearing before granting the special permit required under the zoning bylaw.

Chaput made assurances that the selectmen were aware of public concerns about erection of the cell towers. Should the selectmen decide to accept a proposal, said Chaput, "We will choose the project that has the least impact on the neighborhood and the aesthetics of the town."

The town's bylaw allows a wireless communication facility to be located on land owned by the town, on land that is owned or controlled by a nonprofit entity such as a church, or on land within the zoned business district. The bylaw also allows a facility to be located in a residential district if the applicant proves to the satisfaction of the board "that the visual, economic and aesthetic impacts of the facility on residential abutters will be minimal and that the facility must be located at the proposed site due to technical, topographical or other unique circumstances." The current request for proposals published by the selectmen is limited to proposed facilities on town land.

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