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Friday, February 5, 1999


Paul DeRensis feels that he knows Carlisle already. DeRensis is a senior partner in the firm of Deutsch Williams Brooks DeRensis Holland & Drachman, P.C. that was just appointed new town counsel. He is also currently the chairman of the board of selectmen in the town of Sherborn, a town DeRensis calls a "sister community" to Carlisle and the ...more

There are kiss-and-run valentines, leave-a-rose-on-a-windshield valentines, and signed by you-know-who valentines. There are flannel valentines, and there are those of silk and lace. There are fancy champagne valentines, sleek and red, and there are the cozy tea-time valentines for mothers, sisters, little brothers or run ragged spouses who would be tickled ...more

In cold weather it can be important to wear enough clothes. As everyone knows, the chill factor depends not only on temperature but also on the strength of the wind. ...more

The evening of January 28 was cold and snowy but inside Union Hall warmth and cheer prevailed for the crowd who braved the wintery weather. The Cambridge Society for Early Music presented an all Scottish program entitled "My Heart's in the Highlands." The performers were superb musicians: Laurie Monahan, voice; Shira Kammen, violin; Peter Sykes, ...more

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