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Friday, February 5, 1999


Motor vehicular homicide charges dropped against Carlisle man

On January 12, in Concord District Court, the Commonwealth of Massachusetts dropped two charges of motor vehicle homicide against Long Ridge Road resident John Ritchie. The four-vehicle accident had occurred in Lexington on December 1, 1997 and resulted in the death of Stoney Gate resident Peter Gould and Boston resident Nancy Allison.

In a telephone interview with spokesman for prosecuting district attorney Karen Wells, Anson Kaye explained that the district attorney did not have enough evidence to prosecute Ritchie on the motor vehicular homicide charges.

Ritchie was found guilty on three other charges: operating to endanger, for which he was given a 30-day suspended sentence if there are no other violations for one-year; speeding; and overtaking and passing. The sentence carries a mandatory 60-day license suspension, after which he can reapply to the registry of motor vehicles, according to Kaye.

A member of the Lexington fire department and an emergency medical technician, Ritchie has continued to perform duties for the department, without driving vehicles. Ritchie is also a member of Carlisle's call department.

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