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Friday, February 5, 1999


High school to request first operating budget override in years

For the first time, the Concord-Carlisle Regional School District will seek an operating budget override for the 1999-2000 (FY00) school year for an increase of 6.9 percent over this year's budget. The Concord Finance Committee had given the regional school district a 4.4 percent guideline. After many budget discussions and adjustments over the past few months, Superintendent Gene Thayer drafted a budget calling for the increase which the regional school committee approved at its meeting on January 26. As for the Carlisle Finance Committee, school committee chair Cindy Nock said, "It looks like they will support the regional high school budget override request."

According to Thayer, the 6.9 percent budget increase would be used for the following purposes: 40 percent for contractual salary raises and new textbooks, 34 percent for projected special education costs due to more students moving from Concord and Carlisle middle schools to the high school, 21 percent for additional teachers due to increasing enrollments, a new Chinese language program, a new guidance/teen counseling position, a part-time teacher to administer a new technology grant at the school, and 5 percent for Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment test remedial instruction and for staff development. Thayer said that the high school budget has used the money up to the tax levy limit and requires an override request. While this is the first override for operating expenses, there have been two debt exclusions approved by taxpayers in the last six years for renovations at the high school, according to director of financial services Gerry Missal.

The Concord portion of the increase is $162,834 while Carlisle's portion is $52,327. The override requests must be approved by voters in Concord and Carlisle at both Town Meetings and elections this spring. Carlisle's portion of the budget is based on the number of Carlisle students enrolled at CCHS. Carlisle is projected to have a 3.1 percent enrollment increase for 1999-2000 over this year. For the 2000-2001 school year there will be a more significant change when Carlisle student enrollment is projected to increase by 10.6 percent at the high school, Missal explained.

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